Marco Perni, Web Designer Venezia and SEO Specialist

Marco Perini

Web Master & SEO Specialist

Marco Perini, Web Designer, SEO Specialist, Web Master

Marco Perini, Web Designer of Venice and SEO Specialist

Marco PeriniWeb designer of Venice and SEO Specialist, is one of the few freelance professionists in Venice and Northern Italy who can be considered real Web Master Freelance.

Why Web Master Freelance

Web Master is who in addition to mastering the skills of Web designer, is able to manage independently the other roles appropriate to the Creation and Design of a Website, its performance, its positioning and its annexes.

In short, the Web Master has the skills of a Web Designer, a Graphics Designer, a Web Developer, a Web Analyst, a Web Marketer and an SEO Specialist. Moreover it is able to create and design APP for mobile devices.

From Web Designer Freelance to Web Master Freelance

The skills of Marco Perini as a Web Designer Freelance of Venice have evolved constantly thanks to the experience gained from time to time and its ability to keep up to date. Moreover, due to its willingness to grow constantly, it has been applied to more and more computer fields, becoming the complete Web Master it is today.

Having always had an unbridled passion for information technology, Marco also possesses excellent Systems Engineer skills (Hardware, Software and Network) and is able to create 3D projects or graphics at high levels.

A Web Master Freelance who also owns these skills can make their service even more complete, offering the customer who also requires the repair of their PC, the optimization of their server or the creation of 3D or 2D graphics that advertise it and that know how to elevate his image.

Why contact Marco Perini, Web Master and System Engineer of Venice

This Web Master of Venice is among the most complete in the area, has prices below average and will always realize your idea, advising where appropriate.

His service is not bound in Venice, he often works in neighboring cities like Treviso or Padua, but also in other Italian and foreign cities, working remotely and organizing himself with customers through Skype.

Being also a professionist constantly updated, will offer the solution that best suits your needs and in step with the fashion of the Web, all at low cost.


High school degree

C. Zuccante High School


Adwords Certification


Digital Skills

IT Skills

Web Design 100%
Responsive Web Design 95%
Web Development 80%
Web Marketing 80%
SEO 100%
Social Media Marketing 95%
App Design 80%
Graphics Design 90%
Rendering 3D 75%

Work Experiences

Hi-tech Mind, Information Technology

Web Designer, App Designer
S.E.O. Specialist

Veritas spa

IT Systems Admin
(Hardware, Software and Network)

Regione del Veneto

Systems Engineer
(Hardware, Software and Network)


The portfolio is the same as Hi-tech Mind, Information Technology, where I am Founder and Web Master.

Contact me

You can contact me at the telephone number below, or by filling out the Contact Form, I will be glad to reply within 48 working hours by sending you what you asked for, either the estimate for a specific service request, my Curriculum Vitae in European format or my Resume in format American.


  • Marco Perini
  • +39 349 347 1700

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